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The industry’s best trust Koomi

Why Koomi POS is trusted by over 1,000 F&B establishments in Singapore

The industry’s best trust Koomi

Minimal Training Required

Your staff can quickly become familiar with the POS thanks to its simple interface.

Access Real-Time Data, Anywhere, Anytime

Reviewing business outcomes on any mobile device can be liberating with our innovative solutions.

Seamless Online-Offline Technology

Our POS system is equipped to function with zero percent downtime.

Flexible for Business Expansion

Create a POS solution that is unique to your company's requirements.


With all of our solutions able to seamless integrate without issues, your company empire will grow with ease and convenience.

Up to 80% Government Grants

Government grants are applicable up to 80%.

Up to 70% of government grants are applicable to Koomi solutions



Effective POS system to help in managing your business

Our POS system, created with both usability and functionality in mind, is essential for keeping a competitive edge.

Software and Hardware for Any Type of Business

We are aware that various company models call for various types of solutions. We have created flexible software and hardware configurations that are tailored to your unique business requirements because we are professionals in the F&B industry. To learn which setup is best for your company, get in touch with us.

Ready for Business Scalability

Your company will need more IT support as it grows to support all aspects of business operations.

GrabFood Integrated

Thanks to Grabfood integration, our GrabFood orders will be automatically delivered to the POS and kitchen.

Software and Hardware for Any Type of Business

iPad POS Ready

The sleek and portable nature of our iPad POS is excellent for small enterprises with limited space. By bringing the gadget to the customer's table for order taking, staff may work more productively, improving the overall customer experience.

Offer Secure, Contactless Payments

Give your customers the freedom to pay with credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay using the Tap & Chip Card Reader.

Make Checkout Easier

Use the ergonomic Dock to close each sale smoothly.

iPad POS Ready

Pair It with KoomiOrder

Our portable POS system will enable your personnel to serve consumers more effectively.

Fast and Efficient

Orders placed on the tablet are sent to the kitchen and the POS automatically.

Information Hub

Staff no longer need to be overburdened with information thanks to the menu and table information combined into one tablet.

Pair It with KoomiOrder

Insights and Reports at your Fingertips

Manage your business on the go and follow real-time information on operations. With the help of our smart POS, boost sales and cut expenses by using company analytics.

Track Inventory Easily

Make taking inventory simple. Learn about the volume of inventory sold each day.

Improve Profits with Data

Keep an eye on your sales trend and be aware of what is and is not selling well. At the same time, fine-tune your product offerings and boost sales.

Manage Anytime, Anywhere

Our cloud-based solution allows you to access and preserve information and insights.

Insights and Reports at your Fingertips

Find out which Koomi solution is best for you by speaking with an expert.

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1,000+ brands across industries trust us


Customer Stories

Words from our satisfied customers

KoomiPOS provided Joe and Dough with the necessary POS infrastructure to embark on an aggressive growth strategy and expand effortlessly across Singapore, resulting in a 130% growth in outlets and 260% ROI increase.

With an industry-proven solution like KoomiPOS, I am confident of expanding my business overseas.

Thank you, Koomi, our partner for strategic growth.

Damien Koh

Founder, Joe & Dough

Koomi is not just a POS provider, they are your partner to grow with your F&B business.

If you are looking for a POS solution, there are many options out there.

But if you are looking for someone to help you grow your business through technology, they are the right fit for you.

Fu Yong Hong

CEO, Greendot

The KoomiPOS is a great investment and solution that has really benefited my business.

I appreciate its stability and how I can easily get report's with their backend.

I like how KoomiPOS is really able to solve persisting F&B problems and I would strongly recommend KoomiPOS to my friends.

Tay Yiming

Director, Violet Oon Inc Pte Ltd.

Koomi has been a valuable partner to Nakhon Kitchen for several years providing excellent support and service to us.

We appreciate their dedication and commitment to help us fulfill our operation needs and demands.

Yen Nee

Accountant, Nakhon Kitchen

Koomi’s solutions have helped to increase operational efficiency here at Tuk Tuk Cha, and have provided us with useful insights that aids in business decision making.

They have always been there to provide us with reliable and efficient support, and have shown us that they are a valuable partner to grow our business with.

We are glad to have chosen Koomi as our partner and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the long run.

Theodore Lim

General Manager Tuk Tuk Cha

With Koomi’s suite of tightly integrated solutions such as the Point-of-Sales system (POS), Kitchen Display System (KDS) and QR Ordering System, Saute was able to optimize the workflow for each of our concepts to be technologically efficient and less reliant on manpower.

Koomi’s time tested suite of technological solutions are worth considering for any organization looking to optimize their operations through technology.

Thank you Koomi for the partnership we have enjoyed in the past few years and the years to come.


Director Saute

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