Feb 24, 2022

6 Novitee Systems To Boost F&B Restaurants’ Efficiency During The Festive Season

6 Novitee Systems To Boost F&B Restaurants’ Efficiency During The Festive Season

Find out more about how F&B Tech solutions can improve your operational efficiency.

It’s that time of the year again, where families scramble to make reservations for Christmas and New Year’s at their favourite restaurant, and it’s also when F&B operations start to get chaotic due to the crowd. What steps can F&B businesses take to ensure that everything goes without a hitch and provide a seamless service experience?  

Here are 6 systems from Novitee that can help with that. 

1.Novi Point-of-Sales (POS) 

Having a dependable POS system is critical for F&B restaurants to keep the business running smoothly during peak traffic months such as Christmas and New Year's. A dependable POS system helps you to handle a large flood of consumers while remaining efficient. Novi POS is simple to use and includes a plethora of functions to help you maximize your profits. Novi POS can create sales reports for you to evaluate which menu items are doing well and which are not. This enables you to prepare and forecast menu items that will do well throughout the upcoming holiday season, thereby improving your earnings. Setting up exclusive festive promotions and specials is likewise a straightforward process.

2.Novi QR Ordering and Self-Serve Kiosks 

During the festive season, there will be a higher volume of customers coming in as everybody wants to eat out and celebrate. Your restaurant may be understaffed and unable to accommodate them. This is where QR Ordering and Self-Serve Kiosks come into play. Your customers can place orders and make payments on their own. Not only do customers no longer need to wait for servers to take their orders, this also makes it easier for your staff to manage the crowd and focus on getting food out of the kitchen. Customers placing orders on their own reduces the likelihood of incorrect orders, and the kitchen is relieved of the burden of continuously remaking the wrong orders.

3.Novi Kitchen Display System (KDS) 

Paper order receipts are used in traditional kitchens for meal preparation. However, having too many paper order receipts can lead to confusion and missed orders, especially during the holiday season. Novitee's Kitchen Display System enables chefs to quickly manage a large influx of orders by collating similar dishes and cooking them in batches. This saves them a lot of time and reduces the pressure on the kitchen to complete orders quickly. The Novi KDS also has colour-coded tickets to assist chefs in determining which orders are more urgent. To mark the completion of an order, simply click a button, and the server is immediately notified.

4.Novi Queue

Queue systems are very beneficial for crowd control during holidays. Your team is relieved of the effort of manually tracking and keying in queue numbers, allowing them to focus on other responsibilities during the busy holiday season. Customers can keep track of their order status on the display screen and this helps to manage their expectations, lowering the likelihood of them pushing servers for their food orders. Your holiday promotions and deals can also be displayed on the Queue system for all of your consumers to view.

5.Novi Purchase, Inventory and Bill of Materials (PIB) 

During a period like this, inventory tends to deplete quickly, and if you do not properly track your inventory, you will realize that many of your menu items will suddenly run out of stock. This is when inventory control becomes important. Novi PIB helps you to effectively keep track of your inventory, with a system alert triggered to inform you when the par value is reached. It is also simple to automate recurring orders to your vendors, so you never run out of ingredients. You can also generate inventory records from previous peak periods so you know how much stock to order in preparation for the holiday season.

The festive season is significant for F&B businesses as it is when they stand to make the most sales. Other than planning and marketing, having the right solutions for your business will definitely help in maximizing your profits. If you would like to find out more about Novitee’s solutions and how they can assist you in improving your operations, connect with us today!